Bill Fickling, III

bill-fickling-photo-091616For more than four decades, Bill Fickling has held leadership positions and had impact for organizations in the financial industry.

Much of that began in 1986 when he helped found Mulberry Street Investment Company (MSIC), the private investment arm and family office of the Fickling family. MSIC has managed investments in hospitality, real estate, automotive, timberlands, and managed healthcare, among others. It was in the managed care arena that Mr. Fickling and MSIC had its greatest success, turning Beech Street Corporation, an unprofitable, regional preferred provider organization, into the second-largest, privately-owned PPO in the United States. With Mr. Fickling as its vice chairman, Beech Street was sold to Concentra in 2005 in a $170 million transaction.

Mr. Fickling also helped found and was board chair at Atlantic Southern Bank, a state-chartered, federally insured, community bank in his hometown of Macon, Georgia that grew to nearly $1 billion in assets.

In addition to his career in business, Mr. Fickling has a long history of service with Georgia-based civic and religious institutions. He serves on the Southern Region Executive Committee of the Boy Scouts of America, is a trustee at Wesleyan College, and on the executive committee of the Board of Trustees at Methodist Children’s Home, which provides services and opportunities for abused children.

Mr. Fickling graduated from the University of Georgia in 1982 with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).


Daniel van der Tuin

Mr. Daniel van der Tuin is currently serving on the Board of Advisors Parmenion Wealth Management, Luxembourg. Mr. van der Tuin has over 35 years experience in investment and merchant banking services. He brings a valuable cross border experience as a non-executive director of European Smaller Companies Fund (ESCF), specialist Euronova Asset Management UK, Edinburgh, as well as special projects in the Middle East. He was a member of the Investment Committee of Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Mr. van der Tuin has a degree in Economics and studied Japanese Architecture and History of Japanese Art. He is an honorary member of the Dutch Association of Financial Professionals (VBA), Netherlands, as well as a member of the Society of Investment Professionals in Germany (DVFA).

Dr. Leonard J. Harac

Since 1985, Dr. Leonard J. Harac has been president of his own strategic and tactical business advisory firm and during such time has been retained by a host of publicly listed, high profile companies. Such clients have included Time Warner, ABC, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Liberty Mutual and Selective Insurance. His previous media appearances include a wide range of key outlets from national television channels to prestigious print titles, including The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He has many affiliations to a host of technology, entrepreneur and private equity resources and forums, including the prestigious Ben Franklin Technology Partners group.

Mr. Harac has gained a reputation for excellence throughout his career and has been formally honored on a number of occasions, including “Outstanding Mentor” and “Outstanding Business Mentor.”

Michael Fornara

Michael Fornara is currently serving as Senior Business Advisor to a family owned wealth management group based in Geneva and sits on a number of the group’s companies’ boards. Mr. Fornara has over 40 years’ experience in the international banking arena, a major part of which was spent in the European wealth management business. Principally based in Switzerland, Mr. Fornara was responsible for the strategic development of the International Private Banking Group of Lloyds Bank, which was created in 1989.

Since 1993 Mr. Fornara has held senior management posts with Lehman Brothers in Switzerland, with Lazard Brothers in the Channel Islands, and in 2001 with Leopold Joseph & Sons in both London and Guernsey.

Over the last 20 years Mr. Fornara has been exposed to the various aspects of the fund management business with particular emphasis on risk management, internal control and compliance functions. Between 2007 and 2012, he CEO of a hedge fund company based in Paris. Mr. Fornara graduated from Henley Business School – International Program.

David Fisher

Bob PressDavid Andrew Fisher has over 30 years of experience in business, finance and law. He is currently (a) Board Member at Innova Capital, a PE firm in Central Europe, (b) Chairman of the Board of Da Vinci PE Fund 1 and Chairman of the Investment Committee of Da Vinci PE Fund 2, both CIS PE funds, (c) Non-executive Director of Argo Group Ltd, a listed UK hedge fund manager, (d) Investment Committee Member at Taxim Capital, a Turkish mid-cap PE fund, and (e) Advisory Board member of TCA Fund Management Group, a global SME credit fund manager. He has also taken on several projects on behalf of major shareholders to fix funds and companies going through difficult periods.

As a partner at Innova Capital, he chaired their Investment Committee for many years and led many of Innova’s successful investments. He also served on the Boards of the Harvard Club of Poland, Polish Private Equity Association and Polish National Investment Fund II (by appointment of the Prime Minister). He is a Chartered Director with the Institute of Directors (UK), was a member of National Assn. of Corporate Directors (US), and has a diploma in International Commercial Arbitration from the UK Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Through his own Family Office, Bentley Capital Ltd, he also invests in sustainable timberland and farmland in North America and in other asset classes worldwide.

Mr. Fisher served as a Captain in the US Army, is a member of MENSA, and holds degrees from Davidson College (BA), Vanderbilt Law School (JD), and Harvard Business School (MBA). He is an American citizen who resided in Europe for more than 15 years and worked in many emerging markets. Currently, he spends about a third his time on charitable activities and speaks at numerous investing conferences. He strongly supports sustainable and inclusive international economic development as a way to create a fair, prosperous and peaceful planet.